Doctoral schools

The Graduate School of Sustainability and Transitions collaborates closely with top-tier doctoral schools to equip students with the theories and tools needed for managing transitions. This includes a deep understanding of sustainability, risks, potential crises, and social and environmental equity and justice. Our collaboration promotes lively exchanges at both theoretical and pedagogical levels, emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach.



Université Paris Cité

Sciences des sociétés

DS 624

The Sciences des sociétés doctoral school (DS 624) is inherently multidisciplinary, deriving its richness from the diverse disciplines it encompasses, such as anthropology, architecture, economics, geography, history & civilisations, political philosophy, sociology, and many others. It is actively dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary and even transdisciplinary research.


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Savoirs, Sciences, Éducation

DS 623

The Savoirs, Sciences, Éducation doctoral school (DS 623) is a multidisciplinary institution. At present, it hosts approximately a hundred doctoral students from both France and abroad who are affiliated with six research laboratories. The 623 doctoral school comprises around fifty thesis supervisors associated with Université Paris Cité.

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DS 564

Its scientific position is that of fundamental, theoretical and experimental physics and the applications that naturally follow from it. More than 500 doctoral students carry out their thesis work within the doctoral school, which includes some 40 laboratories in Paris Centre and Paris Sud and more than 800 thesis supervisors.


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University of technology of Compiègne

Sciences for engineers

DS 71

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