The Graduate School of Sustainability and Transitions hosts seminars for students throughout the year.



A diverse approach to ecological issues

Group classes conducted by Luc ABBADIE, Nathalie BLANC, and David FLACHER

Planet Earth is currently undergoing a significant ecological and social crisis, impacting its territories, habitats, and inhabitants. This emphasizes the necessity of addressing environmental issues through a systemic, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary approach.

The heightened awareness of human activities’ impact on the biosphere’s equilibrium, encompassing climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, resource depletion, and population dynamics, fuels crucial political and social discussions. Essential cycles like water, carbon, nitrogen, as well as geological and climatic phenomena, and energy resources, need reevaluation in light of their interactions with human activities.

In this module, we will delve into the diverse dimensions of this crisis and explore potential responses.

The course is available in person (for registered students), but also online and in replay. Details are available here.

Course list and short bibliography

Luc ABBADIE and Nathalie BLANC

Climate change: the science behind the findings and projections

What is biodiversity?

Ordinary environmentalisms: mobilisations and spaces
Nathalie BLANC

Ecological limits & global health. What is the survival horizon of humanity?
Jean-François TOUSSAINT

Energy transition policies
Cristina PEÑASCO

Coupling social and ecological systems: theoretical and practical issues

The new challenges of “natural” disaster risk reduction in the Anthropocene

Sébastien BAROT

The history of the IPCC and the birth of sustainability sciences
Wolfrang CRAMER

Rights of nature, rights and nature
Olivier CLERC

The science and politics of the critical zone

Planetary borders: an interdisciplinary and multi-scale problem

An introduction to the geopolitics of the oceans
Christophe PRAZUCK

What is environmental justice?

The geopolitics of ecological transition
Sébastien TREYER

EPOG+ “Joint Seminars”

Managed by David FLACHER

The “joint seminars” assemble a distinguished group of experts, both academic and non-academic, spanning fields such as economics, law, political science, geography, history, sociology, and more. These 30 to 40 seminars take place during semester 3, from early September to early February.

The course is open for in-person attendance (for registered students) and is also accessible online with replay options. Further information is provided here.

Topics covered in the seminars

  • Digital transition
    in collaboration with the Institute for Digital Transition
  • Economic and social transition
  • Ecological transition
    in partnership with the Earth Policy Centre and the Institute for Environmental Transition
  • Contemporary issues and debates on global economic policies