PhD students

Annually, the Graduate School of Sustainability and Transitions provides funding opportunities for students aspiring to successfully complete their theses.


Students enrolled in the Graduate School of Sustainability and Transitions will have the chance to explore diverse funding options for their theses, primarily through the following mechanisms:

  • National doctoral contracts, accessible through the doctoral schools affiliated with the Master’s programs.

  • International doctoral contracts provided by Université Paris Cité to attract and retain the most outstanding international students.

  • CIFRE contracts, funded through agreements between companies or non-governmental organisations and the French government.

Additional opportunities may emerge based on the ongoing research projects led by researchers associated with the Protection of Scientific and Technical Potential and Economic Intelligence (PPST).

In the realm of doctoral supervision and support, the PPST is presently executing the following initiatives:

  • Interdisciplinary doctoral training centered on ecological transition issues and interdisciplinary doctoral seminars.
  • Co-directorships involving supervisors from diverse disciplines, aimed at extending the interdisciplinary approaches fostered during the Master’s programs.
  • Co-supervision, whether disciplinary or interdisciplinary, designed to promote the cultivation of international collaborations.