Territorial schools

The territory-schools, initiated by local commissions for groups of female students, are training periods that integrate various disciplines.



Territorial schools are interdisciplinary research training periods that bring together disciplines such as geography, ecology, sociology, economics, and engineering sciences.

Initiated by local authorities commissioning classes of female students, the goal is to offer a theoretical analysis and tools for their socio-ecological-technical transitions. This on-site work requires a profound understanding of the levers and support points necessary to instigate significant transformations in regional, social, and economic policies.


By integrating the humanities and social sciences with the physical, natural, and environmental sciences, the objective is to develop and transmit problem-based transition and sustainability sciences. These sciences aim to facilitate the design, implementation, and evaluation of effective interventions for sustainable lifestyles.

The process begins with an agreement on the study to be conducted with the local authority, followed by the formulation of a partnership agreement between the client and Université Paris Cité.

This agreement outlines the conditions for conducting the study and specifies the arrangements between the partners, encompassing the allocation of resources for work and the coverage of certain field expenses. A preliminary report is presented at the end of the stay, and a comprehensive study report, delivered at a later date, marks the conclusion of the study.